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I'm Sky.

I am a freelance web designer and web developer in the Coachella Valley. I enjoy building internets, reading, travel, cycling, finding new music, and learning new technologies. I am an online privacy enthusiast and believe it is a human right for all. Read more about what you can do to help reclaim your online privacy by visiting

My latest interests have been Laravel, Slim, React, and building RESTful APIs. A project I'm pretty proud of is a DeepL artificial intelligence powered translation API integration for the ProcessWire content management framework called Fluency. I enjoy driving website performance for SEO, SEM, server delivery, and good design.

My experience includes full website design, website development, API design & development, server administration, and workflow & efficiency development, and a long list of other technology related tasks. I've worked with businesses of all sizes and individuals who need new online presences or need help with their current websites and technology. Read more about my experience on my LinkedIn profile.

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